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Stroll in the gardens


You have the soul of a botanist, a romantic inclination, a photo-addict side or are simply looking for a cool shade? Your happiness is in the gardens of the castle of Angers !

Taking the history to the root

Cute let us see...

On the ramparts, go back in time and discover the plants of the Middle Ages. In the hanging garden, stroll along the beds of simple plants or among the rosebushes and the delicate lilies.

This place invites you to daydream and offers a breathtaking view of the heart of the castle and its Gothic architecture.

Next to this bucolic garden, don't miss the vineyard and the vegetable garden, which remind us of the ancestral cultivation methods and the Anjou soil.

dans le jardin médiéval, deux allées se croisent formant une croix. des roses blanches illuminent les verts de gris des végétaux et en arrière plan la chapelle et le châtelet se détachent
Le jardin suspendu

© Bernard Renoux / Centre des monuments nationaux

In the remote forest

Are you in the mood foradventure? Cross the undergrowth of the wooded slope like a valiant knight!

You will come across brooms, in homage to Geoffroy Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, or southern trees reminding us that King René was also... a Count of Provence.

Discover René the Magnificent, from history to legend

taillis de genêts en fleurs et bâtiments en arrière-plan
Les genêts en fleurs sur le talus du rempart sud

© Emma Fonteneau / Domaine national du château d’Angers

Gardens of today

An art of the landscape

The castle is more than a thousand years old, but it lives with its time! Our gardens are also contemporary creations: in the courtyard, the purity of the abstract forms of the regular garden and its pruned yews will delight the amateurs of perspectives!

Arches d'ifs taillés en topiaires créant une perspective
La perspectives des ifs taillés selon l'art topiaire dans les jardins réguliers

© Jean-Pierre Delagarde / Centre des monuments nationaux

Hydrangeas, by the hundreds!

At the foot of the royal dwelling or in front of the gallery of the Apocalypse, it is the color which is in the honor!

More than a hundred "Angers Val de Loire®"hydrangeas and an innovative rose garden pay tribute to cutting-edge research in horticulture and to regional producers.

Anchored in its territory, the castle is a showcase of the horticultural genius of Angers!

fleur d'hortensias dont la robe offre un dégradé de rose au crème
Hortensia Vanille Fraise®

© Emma Fonteneau / Domaine national du château d’Angers

Gardens that respect the environment

Sheltered by the high shale walls of the fortress, our numerous landscaped areas are pampered by our gardeners.

Zero phyto maintenance and an active approach to protecting biodiversity have been at the heart of their mission for several years.

This commitment and these daily efforts have earned the monument a "Refuge for the protection of birds" label.

Protecting biodiversity: the monument's other mission

un jardinier du château taille à la cisaille des buis
Portrait d'un jardinier du château d'Angers réalisé dans le cadre de la campagne photoghique "les métiers du CMN" de 2022

© Julien falsimagne / Centre des monuments nationaux

Everything is beautiful in the castle!

To take a break, or to pose, you have understood: a visit to our gardens is a must! In every season, there is always something to marvel at.

And if the walk lasts a little too long, deckchairs await you all summer long on our lime tree mall. You may even be lucky enough to see wild orchids growing there!

Discover the discreet charm of wild orchids

Discover the castle in the 4 seasons

visiteurs installés dans des transats aux couleurs acidulées sous l'ombre fraîche des tilleuls
Coin détente installé chaque été sur le mail de tilleuls

© Jean-Pierre Delagarde / Centre des monuments nationaux

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